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Shoulder Mobility & Pain Prevention Workshop

A new perspective on running
Attention: running enthusiasts, as well as coaches, trainers and movement professionals.
If you are one of those people who think that humans are designed to run, you're definitely right. But if you think that being designed to run means that most humans are ready to run, you’re clearly wrong. Join us in this workshop and learn the reasons behind this paradox and, what's even more important, learn tools to make your running practice safer, more efficient and above all more stimulating.
This workshop is completely experiential, but packed with information that will be delivered throughout your experience. You’ll learn foot and hip exercises that will positively influence your ability to walk, stand, and run. We’ll also explore unique body improvisation activities to awaken your reactivity and address the idea of tempo that many runners may unknowingly be missing.
Cancellation policy please cancel 24 hours prior if you won't be able to attend
*no refunds will be made after 24 hours
No upcoming schedule